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Are your cows “FEELING THE HEAT”  in the Summer?
Is milk production DOWN? Less milk fat and protein content?

Seeing a reduced conception rate, less feed consumption and efficiency, plus increased metabolic and health problems?


If these symptoms sound familiar … you need help URGENTLY.
Let DR. Flamenbaum detect your problems FREE OF CHARGE!



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2. You’ll receive a detailed Questionnaire to fill in and return – the basic information required for

.... Dr. Flamenbaum to make a preliminary analysis.

3. You will be sent a professional diagnosis of the problems your farm is experiencing, and

.... an explanation of what is causing them. The DIAGNOSIS is FREE OF CHARGE.

4. You will then be invited to receive recommendations at very low cost on exactly how to proceed COOL your COWS and INCREASE your PROFITS !




Dr. Israel Flamenbaum

Dr. Flamenbaum is a world renowned agriculturist, bringing over four decades of expertise to the field of dairy cattle – specializing in strategic planning of dairy projects in warm climates, with emphasis on the relief of heat stress. After a prolific career lecturing all over the globe and publishing numerous papers, he retired from the State of Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture in 2008- where he held the position of Director of the Division of Animal Husbandry. He is now a full time private consultant (fluent in both English and Spanish) and travels extensively to assist government institutions, dairy cooperatives and private dairy farms all over the world.






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