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Heat stress and cooling effects on dairy farm economics - part 2 (37)


The experience of intensive cooling the cows in Turkey (36)


Heat stress and cooling effects on dairy farm economics - part 1(35)


Heat stress and cooling effects on dairy farm economics - part 2 (34)


Collection of Articles at the website of "DAIRY CATTLE" (33)


Dont pay double tax in the summer (32)


Implementation of Israeli experience in cooling cows in the world (31)



Cow cooling project in Ozlem dairy farm Turkey 2016 - 2017 (30)


Cooling cows in robotic farm - the case of Bandioli farm Italy (29)


world dairy sector presentation 2015 (28)


Wolfenson et al 1988 cow cooling and reproduction (27)


Management of Heat Stress to Improve Fertility in Dairy Cows in Israel (26)


Israel 25000 pounds per Cow (25)


High-yielding cows are more efficient (24)


Article JDS 1995BC- Cooling (23)


Summer to Winter performance ratio 2007 (22)


Producing the milk consept 2010 (21)


Dairy in hot climate - Israel 2009 (20)


Brazil 2012 production and profitability (19)


Intensive and Efficient Milk Production (18)


Cirio workshop (17)


Cooling cows improves farm sustainability (16)


Cooling cows worth the cost (15)


Heat production, eating behavior and milk 2018 (14)


Successful implementation of cow cooling in Italy in summer 2016 (13)


Flamenbaum Interview on cow cooling (12)


Only small amount of farms in the world cool the cows (11)


Water, wind, time and a cow, is all you need to cool your cows in summer (10)


Milk Production under Unfavourable Conditions: The Case of Israel (09)


Heat abatment to ICBA (08)


Efficient milk production under heat stress conditions (07)


Heat stress abatement improves feed efficiency of high yielding cows in the summer (06)


Effect of heat stress and cooling on cows’ fertility (05)


Cooling cows improves cow’s welfare and production sustainability (04)


Dry cows also need cooling in summer (03)


Cost effectiveness of intensive cooling of cows in summer in dairy farms located in South China (02)


"Summer to Winter Ratio" - A tool for evaluation of the effectiveness of farm’s heat abatement treatments (01)


Flamenbaum – cow cooling Published in Engormix Israel.