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Dairy farms in many parts of the world experience the ill effects of heat stress on their milk herds in the summer months. Although they attempt to cool their cows by various means, very few of them achieve the desired results! This is a field for specialist expertise.


Dr. Flamenbaum can teach you how to implement the most modern, effective and cost efficient cooling systems.
The result: Significant herd improvement and greatly increased milk output and farm the Form


1. For first contact and having some basic information about you

Please just CLICK HERE and fill in a simple ONLINE form, that you can submit to us.

Dr. Flamenbaum will get back to you for better understanding your problems.


2. Next step - A thorough diagnosis of your farm (paid service)

Each project, of necessity, will differ in overall costs in accordance with the specific parameters, volume and size of the farm and the herds.

For this stage you will be asked to complite a special and detailed form ONLINE.

Please CLICK HERE and it will open a new screen to read carefully and fill in the quetions.



... Remote consultancy, which includes professional support and guidance.

... A personal visit by Dr. Flamenbaum to your site – no matter where in the world you are located

... Assistance with purchase and installation of the cooling system equipment

... Training of farm staff in the proper operation of the cooling system

... Periodic follow-up of farm results and ongoing consultancy in accordance with need


3. COSTS and ACTIVITYS Proposal - Based on the data you provided, and the scope of the service requirement, you will get from Dr. Flamenboum a detailed professional report.