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Dr. Flamenbaum provides private international consultancy services specializing in the implementation of management practices for milk production by high yielding dairy cows in hot climate countries all over the globe.





Benefits achieved from COOLING DAIRY COWS in Summer


Global warming is causing higher temperatures and an increased number of stressful days annually for cattle in the majority of countries and in wider sections of the globe.
The adverse effects of heat stress are proportional to the cow’s level of production. Higher yielding cows generate more metabolic heat to be dissipated. One of the main problems is their inability to dissipate the heat they generate! Therefore heat stress negatively affects milk production and causes significant economical losses to the world dairy sector.

Cows in almost all countries require some degree of cooling during summer months and the difference in the cooling period required ranges from a few weeks per year in temperate regions to all year around in tropical and desert regions.

The cheapest and most effective system for cooling cows is by a combination of wetting their surface and blowing air through large and efficient fans. High yielding cows require more than 6 cumulative hours of cooling during the day (spread throughout the day) in order to help them maintain normal body temperature and sustain the required level of milk production.


Intensive cooling of high yielding cows during the summer:


Cooling cows is highly cost effective and ROI (Return on Investment) usually occurs in less than two years,

improving annual profit by US$100 - 200 per cow every year.